Supplemental Healing Activities Outside of Therapy

Temple Candles

Collective Healing: Connecting with our spirits, ancestors and guides

Reflection & Ritual

 We will call upon the energy of those who wish to protect and guide us during this difficult, unprecedented times. Connecting with the energy of our guides allows us to connect to the scared tree from which we have developed. The workshop will begin with a meditation and a call to our guides to join us in the space. Following the meditation, we will lead the group in a reflection exercise focused on healing generational trauma, self-love and honoring  suffering and  emotionally tending to our wounds. Following the reflection will be a ritual to allow a release of energy and aid in the healing process. 


Collective Healing: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

Reflection and Ritual

We begin this workshop with a meditation to ground ourselves before to bring our energy into the circle. We clear our judgements, desires, agendas and focus on connection and listening to our root voice and the wisdom of the circle. Afterwards, we begin to discuss the true nature of the feminine and the true nature of the masculine. We will discuss how the feminine is undervalued in our society and how this has caused a distorted masculine. We will reflect on how to correct these imbalances within our selves and within our society. 
Following our group reflection, we will provide a ritual to balance and honor our feminine and masculine energies.

Researching and Writing

Collective Healing: Storytelling

Prompt and Discussion

Connect with other writers in this workshop with a focus on collective healing, creative storytelling and the chance to listen to the community's wisdom.



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