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The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester:

Discovering Yourself in Motherhood

May 19-June 23

Thursday Morning 11:00-12:00 pm

387 9th Street Between 6/7 Avenues

Support Group for new moms, facilitated by a psychotherapist and doula, focused on reducing anxiety and building a mindfulness practice to carry you through parenthood and beyond. Creating space for healthy socialization and building community to enrich motherhood.

Week One: Mindfulness in Motherhood

Week Two: Connecting Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors

Week Three: Building Intention

Week Four: Expectation Vs Reality: Sleep Edition

Week Five: Expectation Vs Reality: Support Systems

Week Six: Reducing Anxiety and Building your Mindfulness Practice

6 Week Group Therapy $360 for 6 weeks.

Insurance Accepted. Inquired for information

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